The University of Sheffield
QuEst++: open source tool for pipelined translation quality estimation

Sentence-level QuEst:

  • Get the "online" version of the baseline QuEst (17 features only) which pre-loads resources in memory for better efficiency when processing sentence by sentence
  • Get the installation script that will download the stable version of the source code, a built up version (jar), plus all necessary linguistic processors (parsers, etc). To run it on Linux/Mac: ./
  • Get a stable version of the above source code only (without the linguistic processors)
  • Get a vanilla version of the source code which is easier to run (and re-build), as it relies on fewer pre-processing resources/tools. Toy resources for en-es are also included in this version. It only extracts up to 50 features
  • Check development version of the code on GitHub
  • Citing previous version of QuEst

    Lucia Specia, Kashif Shah, Jose G.C. de Souza, and Trevor Cohn (2013): QuEst - A translation quality estimation framework. In 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations, Sofia, Bulgaria, pp. 79-84. [PDF] [BIBTEX]